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Tree Surgery

We have many years of expertise in tree surgery and we can advise you on all varieties of trees and how they affect your garden. Tree Surgery is a worthwhile investment in
your garden at any time.

Garden Landscaping

We can redesign your garden to your specification and will work with you to maximise space to create a beautiful outdoor living space.

Hard Landscaping

We are experts in delivering high quality hard landscaping to allow you to maximise your outdoor living space all year round.

Advice on looking after your
trees in hot weather

In this hot spell of weather new and recently planted trees should be watered regularly; ideally once a week by giving them a good soaking

More established trees will have a mature root system and will be able to absorb moisture fromĀ  the soil substructure but nevertheless should be watered if there is a prolonged drought.

Fruit trees will also need watering regularly as they may drop their fruit if there is not significant water available.

Also don’t forget to water other areas such as your greenhouse, tubs, baskets and of course your lawn.

For more advice on looking after your trees call us on 07437 423 123

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We Always turn up on time

Whether we are inspecting your trees, delivering a quote or carrying out any garden projects we guarantee to arrive on time to carry out your instructions.

We are THE Professionals

We are professional in all aspects of our work and have the relevant qualifications, certificates and insurances.

Clean and tidy

We are tidy; we clean up and remove all agreed items leaving your garden looking great and ready for you to enjoy.

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