Easter Tree Maintenance

Tree Maintenance for your Easter Holidays

  • Check for standing water can damage your trees
  • Prune damaged and overgrown branches
  • Check your trees for broken boughs

Standing water and waterlogged roots can damage your trees so make sure that you provide good drainage in winter and provide water in summer.

Pruning old and damaged branches will allow light into the tree for healthy growth and will prevent diseases.

Check that your tree’s main boughs are solid and secure as spring storms could break and damage other trees fences and property.

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Inspect your trees for winter damage

More jobs for your spring garden

  • Spring clean your garden
  • Mulch trees and shrubs
  • Plant new trees

Spring is the best time of year to clean up; rake up fallen leaves, weed round trees, shrubs and borders.This will not only make your garden look good but will help prevents diseases and bugs.

Mulch around your trees and shrubs in preparation for the warmer Summer weather, this will help retain moisture which is vital for healthy growth.

Spring is a good time of the year for planting new trees. Choose wisely as trees can take over your garden. 
Check for height and spread, will the tree block light and position the tree so that the roots do not compromise property foundations.

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