Mario – Newlands Tree Surgeons says:
After a superbly warm Summer which has been great for gardeners, tree leaves are now changing to the beautiful colour palette of Autumn.
As colder weather approaches leaves are dropping and now is now is the time for Autumn pruning.

Fruit trees especially benefit from Autumn pruning to give a better crop in the next year.

Conifers and other large trees can be pruned now which will open up light into the garden and will help reduce moss in grassed areas. 

Autumn care plan is extremely important to make sure your tree thrives in Autumn and is prepared for winter so contact me for the best advice from the professionals at Newlands Tree Surgeons

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Many Gardeners view piles of dropped autumn leaves as a nuisance. Perhaps this is due to the labour involved in raking them up or it might be as simple as the changing season and the cold weather makes it approach.
Either way, dead leaves should actually be looked at as a valuable resource.. 

Leaf litter mulch in gardens has numerous attributes and mulching with leaves is an inexpensive, renewable and environmentally friendly way to achieve garden gold.

Mulching with leaves is a win/win in many situations where you want more rapid decomposition and is generally a free commodity to anyone that has deciduous trees.
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